We’ve been busy!

The Foundry Health team has been busy. We’re excited to share some highlights from this past year.

A Project Manager 🇺🇸 and Senior Engineer 🇬🇧 have joined our team. We anticipate extending the 🇪🇺 team before the end of the year.

We also have released several new versions of ClinSpark since our last blog post in 2020. Most recently, we released version 1.5.5. Here are some of the highlights of our recent releases:

  • Customers who take advantage of our Twilio and Sendgrid integrations can now message study subjects who have enrolled into a specific cohort.
  • The Medical Coding feature set can now take advantage of the latest dictionaries from WHODrug.
  • We have improved the feature set for study designers that leverage Formal Expression capabilities (Methods and Edit Checks) now with a built in IDE.
  • Recruitment teams can take advantage of improved controls over volunteer identification, appointment management, and study cohort participation. Additionally, we’ve enhanced a number of features related to advanced volunteer database searches, including numerous performance improvements.
  • We’ve introduced new API capabilities which allows our customers that utilize sophisticated recruitment websites to integrate with ClinSpark in more ways to achieve automation and accomplish study recruitment goals.
  • User access controls have been improved, allowing sites to further restrict study data and feature access.
  • Review and management of reported lab test results has been improved, now supporting blinding of certain test results, and the ability to setup study specific alert ranges.

These are just a few highlights, all of which have been driven by valuable customer input. The full set of release notes and technical file artifacts are available to customers through our official support channels.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue with developing our next release. One key area will be introducing features to support drug accountability & investigational product management. Our goal is to empower pharmacists to become more involved with ClinSpark and study conduct. Additionally, provide an oversight of study drugs kept by an investigator running a trial.

We also continue to explore exciting new opportunities with device connectivity. ClinSpark now has interfaces supporting blood glucose monitoring and continuous glucose monitoring using Dexcom and Roche devices. Additionally, we’ve integrated with NDD technologies to support lung function (spirometry) data capture. We have also expanded support for Welch Allyn and Cardioline device ECG data capture.

As a final note, we have taken on a stronger interest in the future of ClinSpark on mobile devices. We anticipate sharing details more about these exciting opportunities with our customers soon.