ClinSpark version 1.4.1 Released

The Foundry Health team is excited to announce the latest release of its eSource software platform for Phase I automation.  This version contains enhancements over version 1.4.0 released earlier this year, and significantly enhances the recruitment module.

The updates, unofficially referred to as the ‘recruitment funnel’, create a centralized area where recruitment staff will work on fulfilling their study recruitment goals. Volunteers can be identified as potential subjects through different pathways that are both inside and outside of ClinSpark®, users can correspond via templated e-mail and SMS messages to a group of volunteers, and questionnaires can be answered to help place volunteers into study cohorts. Notably, this release includes improvements to our API that support powerful and flexible integration with a Phase I Unit’s volunteer recruitment and marketing website in order to ‘feed the funnel’.

Within the Volunteer Recruitment module, users can identify eligible study subjects.
An example recruitment questionnaire, available in the Recruit module.
Recruiters can send messages to volunteers right from within ClinSpark.

Version 1.4.1 also adds additional capabilities for sample processing, now supporting the ability to create sample transfers multiple times from different sample path steps.  This ‘aliquot of an aliquot’ feature set continues to support needs around complex sample processing lab procedures such as harvesting of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).  Additionally, there is now flexibility to adapt sample paths after study conduct has begun.  If last minute or ‘late’ sample path changes come in from the labs, ClinSpark® can accommodate accordingly.

An updated sample path configuration, supporting ‘transfer of a transfer’.

There are many more exciting enhancements in version 1.4.1.  We’ve added improvements to data collection workflows, study design, informed consent capabilities, and system configuration.  Customers will have access to the full set of release notes and technical file artifacts through our official support channels.

ClinSpark® enjoys a rapidly growing user base. The feedback and needs of users is of crucial importance and there is a direct dialogue between them and the ClinSpark® development team. The agile development approach ensures fast and effective solutions built into a continuously improving product. The enhancements seen in version 1.4.1 are therefore of real practical benefit to Phase I units.