Medical coding

Do you use medical dictionaries to code medications or adverse events in your early phase clinical trials?

If your answer is yes, then ClinSpark makes your life so much easier. ClinSpark supports both MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries. You can load any number of versions of these dictionaries into the system.


  1. Ensure that your study had been configured with the appropriate dictionaries
  2. Navigate to Medical Coding | Data and select the item you want to code


Let’s pick an easy one first. I have chosen ‘headache’ and I click Auto Code.
ClinSpark codes the term and tells me it is ‘100%’ confident.
It’s like magic!

Manual Coding

I try to code something a little harder ‘interdigital possible fungal infection digit 1-2 left’.
Auto Code struggles to find a match. I type in ‘fungal skin infection’ as a Lowest Level Term Search and get a match.
I work the rest of the list auto coding and manual coding as appropriate.

My work here is done!