A look into the Study Subject component

ClinSpark version 1.4.0 introduced several new features into the application.  One of the bigger additions was a brand new component that focuses on study subjects. 

Subjects Menu Item

The purpose of this new Subjects component is to create a ‘one stop shop’ for all things related to subjects during a trial.  Different roles at a site can interact with the component in various ways.  Based on the user and their needs, there are now a variety of ways to review and interact with study specific subject data.  Some examples are:

  • Recruitment teams reviewing eligible volunteers based on upcoming study appointments.
  • Study coordinators overseeing subject status, study eligibility, inclusion/exclusion criteria, informed consent, and over-volunteering reports.
  • Investigators responding to adverse events, concomitant medications, and study assessments (such as ECG reviews).
Study subjects component overview.
Study Subjects component overview.

Familiar features such as filtering and sorting are available as well.  ClinSpark will even remember user-specific filtering criteria if they navigate away from the component and come back at a later time.

The help accomplish tasks efficiently, users can quickly jump into other areas of the application to gain further insights about the subject.  This includes links to the volunteer record, cohort assignment details, data collection for that subject, or a drill down into more subject details.

Reviewing subject informed consent
Reviewing study specific informed consent on a subject.

Sometimes it helps to visualize and interact with subject data for certain studies in a variety of ways.  To help address this need, the Subject component also features a dynamic dashboard area that allows custom widgets to be swapped in, requiring no code changes to implement.  Customizations to these dashboard widgets can be done during any phase of the trial.

An example dashboard component
An example dashboard component, visualizing subject eligibility.

There is quite a bit of functionality packed into the new subject component, serving the needs of users across various phases of a study. We think that it will help ClinSpark users in a variety of ways, and we’re excited to hear more feedback from our customers on how it’s helped them in their trials.