ClinSpark connects to Verified Clinical Trials

Verified Clinical Trials and ClinSpark® Now To Offer Single Access Point For eSource and Research Subject Verification To Prevent Duplicate Subjects in Clinical Trials

January 23, 2019 – The global research subject duplicate enrollment prevention solution Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) and Foundry Health’s eSource and phase I automation platform ClinSpark® are now electronically connected. The integration greatly simplifies the process for site users to check for duplicate subject enrollments and several other protocol violations. All relevant data is automatically synced, eliminating double entry of data and thereby reducing errors and diminishing workload. An eligibility check with the Verified Clinical Trials database is initiated from within the site’s ClinSpark® interface. With just one button to press, the powerful technology of VCT is activated and the user instantly receives a response on the verification check within seconds. A full report with relevant details is automatically added to the source data in ClinSpark®, and is accessible to all authorized study users. Duplicate or over enrollment is a well-recognized and growing problem within the clinical trials industry. VCT and Foundry Health both strongly believe that technology can greatly enhance the safety of subjects in clinical trials and improve the quality of the data. VCT and Foundry Health now offer a simplified and more expedient process by developing a single combined access point for data entry and research subject enrollment status verification. Due to the web-based nature of each solution, a clear path towards collaboration between the technology providers emerged in a way that has not been seen with traditional on-premise solution providers. The results of this joint effort lead to enhanced compliance, a reduction in error rates, and improved efficiency. The one-click verification of research subject enrollment status step is a first step in this collaboration between the two companies.

Mitchell Efros MD FACS, CEO of VCT stated “Volunteer safety is paramount in everything we do. Developing new technology as a means to achieve that is at the heart of our company. We are very pleased to see that ClinSpark® is built on those same values. This collaboration will enrich the clinical trial landscape as we know it today. We are very pleased with our alliance and it was great seeing the teams working so closely together to develop such a powerful yet efficient tool. We look forward to further enhancements as we continue our collaboration.”

Brock Heinz, CEO of Foundry Health stated “The modern architecture of ClinSpark® empowers us to easily connect to anything: devices, databases, or other cloud-based solutions. VCT is without question the world leader in solutions for preventing duplicate enrollment of subjects in trials. It has been a privilege to collaborate with them and have our systems and teams working closely together. ClinSpark® is focused on making it simple and easy to run a phase I trial for the clinic staff. Our interface with VCT is yet another step in achieving that goal.”

Kerri Weingard ANP COO of VCT added, “We strive to provide solutions to our clients that enhance the safety and quality of data yet do not over-burden research site staff. With increasingly complex clinical trials and a myriad of systems for site staff to log in to, we felt that a single access point to perform these functions would enhance the user experience and acceptance for both systems.

About Verified Clinical Trials
Verified Clinical Trials is a forward-thinking company developed by experts active in the clinical research community to improve research subject safety and data quality in clinical research trials by preventing duplicate enrollment and other protocol violations. Verified Clinical Trials defines itself as the world’s leader in the field of database registries in clinical trial research. Verified Clinical Trials is the only clinical research database registry designed specifically to enhance the quality of both early and late phase trials and has the scalability to reach all sites nationally as well as on a global level. Verified Clinical Trials offers optional fingerprint biometric verification to improve accuracy and speed. For more information, visit

About Foundry Health
Foundry Health is the company behind ClinSpark®, the modern cloud-based Phase I automation and eSource platform. Its modern infrastructure allows for easy connection to clinical devices, labs, databases and data review tools of all sorts. The solid (CDISC ODM certified) data structure ensures compliance with all regulatory and data standards. The modern ‘mobile-first’ user interface and fast bar-code enhanced navigation, make the system easy to use and contribute to the highest user experience ratings in the industry. ClinSpark® is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with no long-term commitments, and a competitive ‘pay-per-use’ pricing structure. Being hosted on one of the world’s most advanced cloud-infrastructures, ClinSpark® allows for almost infinite global scaling without performance degradation. For more information, visit